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Specialised Scaffold Drafting

We specialise in Australian and New Zealand Scaffold – with years of experience modelling & drawing scaffold for tier 1 projects in Kwikstage, KwikAlly, Cuplok, AT-PAC Ringlock, as well as Layher AllRound Systems. Across a range of sectors:

  • Large Commercial & High-rise
  • Civil & Railway Infrastructure
  • Hung & Cantilevered Bridge
  • Large & Small Residential
  • Industrial
  • Mobile & Freestanding

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Projects Completed

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Our Quality

Modern Service Standard

At Wortley Designs, we take pride in being the leading scaffolding modelling and drafting service in Australia, setting new standards for excellence and precision in the industry. Our value proposition lies in delivering unmatched quality, expertise, and efficiency to ensure our clients' success.

  • HyperScaff: The Cutting-Edge Advantage

At the heart of our superior services lies "HyperScaff," our proprietary in-house design tool. HyperScaff empowers our team to create 3D models and drawings with unmatched speed, accuracy, and quality. With an extensive library covering Layher, Kwikstage, Cuplock, and more, this advanced tool facilitates rapid block placement, precise component adjustments, and seamless interoperability with manual 3D modelling. Thanks to HyperScaff, we can guarantee designs that are faster, more precise, and of higher quality than any other competitive alternative.

  • Elevating Tender Drawings and Engineering Detail

When your project requires expertly designed and accurate scaffold drafting to secure a bid successfully, Wortley Designs is the only option to consider. Our innovative automation techniques and component-based detailed modelling ensure that your tender drawings are taken to the next level. We provide the level of detail that engineers need for complex construction work, meeting and surpassing all AS/NZS and regional codes of practice. The result? Drawings that are not only easy to interpret but also visually appealing.

Our Scaffold Model library

We have a comprehensive library of 3D Layher AllRound, Cuplok, ATPAC Ringlock, Kwikstage (and more) scaffold parts allow us to model even the most complex designs and are able to generate high quality 3D perspective views to improve the impact and clarity of your designs.

Our System

We are able to work with BIM files in IFC format, point cloud data, 2D and 3D DWGs, DXF, and 3DM (our native file format). In addition, we support OBJ, IGES, STEP, STL, SKP, 3DS, SHP, SolidWorks Files, FBX and a small assortment of other less common formats. We are also able to work from existing PDF plans.

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